Jacelyn Parry

Jacelyn Parry

'East to West' is a collection of a journey, a soundtrack styled album that fuses elements of classical, pop, jazz & electronic elements. A concept album from the start to the very end entirely recorded, and produced by Jacelyn.'East to West' is like the soundtrack of a journey to an ideal place that might be found in the heart of everybody. A place that this music is meant to evoke through the creation of different atmospheres fusing elements of classical, pop, jazz & electronic. Listening to it as a whole from start to finish unveils a hidden world that arouse a unique experience in the listener/traveller, making this an album that 'speaks right to the heart...makes you dream of fantastic landscapes where the sky is purple and the sea so transparent that you can see right to the very bottom of it. The journey from East to West is not one way, it's like a bridge joining two worlds, bringing them together and we think that everyone should cross it at least once.'

A concept album from the start to the very end, it comprises of 21 pieces in two parts reflecting two different creational periods of the artist. Entirely recorded and produced by Jacelyn, it is an album that spans over a 10 year period involving over 15 different musicians, whom all of which have given the blend of color, mood and atmosphere in which Jacelyn has sought to discover her music.
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