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pianist NICK FARR

"The Ever Present Now" Nick Farr offers a colorful palette of original compositions that is sure to please his long-standing fans as well as new listeners. “This album,” the artist says, “is a recording I have long wanted to make. It seems to have a really natural feel, and the wonderful musicians who contribute on the cd really put their hearts into it.” The pianist/composer has included twelve original songs on this record, which sample his unique writing styles and creativity. With much variety in both composition and style that tastefully blends the genres of new age, jazz, classical and contemporary instrumental, this is an engaging yet beautiful auditory experience.
Nick’s fifth recording “Keep Moving” hit the airwaves strongly as well, debuting at #4 before moving into the #3 spot in the summer of 2004. A jazzier set, this recording shows Farr’s skills at composing more up-tempo tunes with more different instruments and far-ranging song writing. Nick Farr began his musical journey at the age of five with classical piano training. He has always been intrigued with all types of music, especially jazz and contemporary instrumental. Today, he has found a genre of musical writing in which he is most comfortable—a unique style of composition built around piano yet focused on memorable melodies and harmonies built with strings, horns and percussion.

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