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new age relaxation album

Royce Campbell’s “Ear Of The Beholder” CD is the result of many requests Campbell received from friends in the healing professions to do a New Age style project. Campbell is primarily known as a jazz guitarist (see, so it is a surprise that there are only a few tracks featuring guitar. “It was a nice change for me to do some tracks without guitar,” states Campbell. “Once I had decided to honor all of those requests to create “mood music,” I had to still do it with a sensibility that emerges from my love for and knowledge of jazz. That meant that I had to take a step back from actually playing a lot. I focused on the composing rather than the performance aspect.” Although the CD makes perfect background music for massage or yoga sessions, or even for work sessions such as studying or reading, it is absolutely ideal for meditation sessions. Many of the tracks have a cinematic quality that, upon closer listening, can stimulate the imagination, generate positive energy, and definitely reduce stress.

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