our blog entries

our blog entries

OCEAN by Michael Brant DeMaria

Michael is a psychologist, composer, musician and author with 25 years of experience in the work of guiding others on their life journeys. Michael has shared the stage as the featured musician with world renowned poets – Robert Bly and David Whyte. Michael is a multi-instrumentalist who plays keyboards, and a wide range of contemporary and indigenous percussion and aerophones. His art, music and poetry have been shown or heard throughout the US as well as receiving air time in Australia, Europe and Russia. He has played with such national and international musicians as Grammy winner Mary Youngblood, Bill Miller and Grammy nominee’s David Darling and Carlos Nakai, not to mention, Coyote Oldman, Peter Phippen, Jeff Ball, and Ash Dargan. His first CD The River was released in fall of 2003 which was voted a staff favorite on Growth House Radio in San Francisco.
Listening to Ocean is a deeply beautiful experience. This is my absolute favorite cd for meditative movement and personal recharge/renewal time. Lovely & well-crafted with a flow that seems to naturally evolve, \"Ocean\" is great for massage, acupuncture, Zero Balancing, or any therapeutic modality that enhances expanded states of consciousness/Being. This wonderfully rich ambient soundscape helps to both float and ground you; perfect for relaxation, renewal of the indigenous mind and opening inner channels to Soul-Source. - - Mary

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