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Spirit Touch "New Album for 2009 from Joseph Akins"

Following the success of Masterpeace, Spirit Touch continues the heartfelt piano artistry of Joseph Akins. Eleven tracks include ten new originals and one arrangement of an old classic. Joseph's performance on a superior Steinway grand is featured throughout this album as piano solos and accompaniment on selected tracks. Tender, creative and beautiful are just some of the adjectives that describe Spirit Touch, the third solo album from Joseph Akins, which continues his heartfelt piano artistry with eleven fresh tracks: ten new originals and one modern arrangement of on old classic. Joseph s performance on a Steinway D grand is featured throughout this album with intimate piano solos for several tracks and accompaniment from cello and percussion on others. Spirit Touch will surely touch the spirit of any listener.

All tracks were recorded at the beautiful Middle Tennessee State University recording studios. Both Joseph Akins and the engineer, Bill Crabtree, are professors in the Department of Recording Industry in the College of Mass Communication at MTSU. The world-class facilities of these studios can be heard throughout the high quality sound from this album.

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