our blog entries

our blog entries

Stanton Lanier's new CD "DECEMBER PEACE"

Stanton Lanier's passion is to bring listeners peace and rest in a hurried world. His 5th album "Unveiled" (2008) reflects his desire to discover truth and beauty on life's journey, combining signature piano melodies with a stellar ensemble of guest artists. "Unveiled was produced by Windham Hill Founder Will Ackerman who describes it as "...soaring inspiration and remarkable peace." Stanton's live performances blend solo piano, visuals and stories to inspire audiences of all ages. His story illustrates how each of our lives is like a tapestry being woven together to make a beautiful picture, even though there are times when life doesn't make sense and requires us to live by faith. In arranging and composing for his latest cd, December Peace, Stanton's goal was to offer peace and rest for your holiday season through a distinctive collection of traditional and original piano melodies. The album also features the beautiful work of Jill Haley on English horn, Eugene Friesen on cello, Jeff Oster on flugel horn and Noah Wilding with angelic vocals.
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