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Sherry Finzer's TRANSFORMATION CD added to RADIO Nuages playlist

5.0 out of 5 stars Review excerpt from Music and Media Focus August 1, 2013 By Michael Diamond Format:MP3 
Music Although they have performed and recorded with numerous other musical artists, Sherry and Darin deeply appreciate the acoustic alchemy they create together. On the opening track, a whisper of dreamy synthesizer sets the stage for Darin's guitar intro. I was immediately impressed with the rich reverberant tone of his instrument, as well as the nostalgic ambience his finger-style playing evoked. At just the right moment, Sherry's flute glides in gracefully, accentuating Darin's delicate phrasing. People who enjoy Will Ackerman's music will sense a kindred spirit in Darin's playing. The composition entitled, "Reflection," is one of Sherry's. Like the first track, there is also an air of nostalgia about it, with perhaps a trace of wistfulness. It is a lovely haunting melody that speaks to Sherry's talents as a composer and her ability to imbue a song with deep emotion. "White Sky In November" paints an impressionistic portrait in hushed tones of winter. Long sustained flute notes wander a stark guitar landscape with a mist of melancholy in the air. On a track called "Jane's Song," the duo is joined by Jane Merial Hilton on viola, adding warm woody string tones that flowed like honey. Having greatly enjoyed Sherry's previous solo CD's, I was equally impressed with her role as a musical partner in a duo. Never overplaying, her notes and phrases are exquisitely chosen to perfectly compliment Darin's tasteful and expressive guitar work. The earthiness of the acoustic guitar combined with the airy quality of the flute blend in sweet harmony creating a musical atmosphere that lends itself to relaxation, meditation, yoga, intimate moments, etc. This is music that would work equally well for active listening or as a background soundtrack, and could appeal to listeners who enjoy ambient, new age.

Written by Darin Mahoney (BMI) for the album Transformation (Heart Dance Records), The Door tells a story of life's choices, and how each one of us chooses our destiny by the selection of our Doors. Sherry Finzer adds her unique and emotional melodies on the flute to Darin's beautiful and rich guitar.

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