our blog entries

our blog entries

Paul Smithuis Dutch flute player

Paul is a musician pur sang. Music is his life and his passion. With the sounds of his wooden flute he fascinates his audience again and again. He is a self made artist who has built his career entirely on his own, without the support of sponsors or record label. At a young age Paul noted that making music is in his blood. When he gets into contact with the sounds of a flute during an evening group recital of the local brass band, it hits him right away. The instrument has stolen his heart and many years followed where Paul got lessons. Through playing in orchestras, combos and choirs he is able to develop his talent further. In addition to his musical talent Paul has also a great passion for sports and so for several years he practiced triathlon at a high level. This is momentarily side tracked because of the music. While his business career is no longer allowing him to practice the sport at a high level he concentrates on making music.


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