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our blog entries

VOICES FROM HEAVEN album featured on RADIOnuages

Best-selling Norwegian new age music keyboardist Tron Syversen
(photo left) has teamed with wordless vocalist Runar Halonen (photo right)  to create the powerful ambient recording, VOICES FROM HEAVEN. The voice of Halonen melds perfectly with the synthesizer sounds and sounds almost eerily synthesized itself at times. Hear several tracks from the album now on our International Radio Stream, "I have a professional studio where I have recorded a lot of artists and worked with them. The last year I have concentrated on my own music and I am in the process of recording and mixing around 30 pieces of music, most of them aiming at relaxation. Some of the music can also be used for meditation, film music and many other applications. My music has strong melody-lines. I believe that melody is important, and of course, harmony.
Most of my compositions have 3 or 4 themes or parts of 8 or 16 bars and last between 5 and 9 minutes. On most of the parts, I use professional musicians. 3 of the musicians playing on my CD's also play with ”Secret Garden” and one is employed in the Norwegian Opera Orchestra." -Tron Syversen

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