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our blog entries

Sherry Finzer is an American flutist and composer.

Sherry Finzer is a national award-winning musician, and known for her contributions to the genre of flute music. She was a semi-finalist for a Grammy award nomination in 2010, 2012 and 2013. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Sherry performs as a soloist, with guitarist Darin Mahoney, and other local, national and international musicians. She is known for her variety of musical styles, including New Age, Latin, flamenco, classical, pop and jazz, and she travels nationally and internationally to perform as a Pearl Flute Performing Artist and Recording Artist for Heart Dance Records. Selections from her album Sanctuary III, Beyond The Dream, have been added to the playlist of

VIDEO: Written by Darin Mahoney (BMI) for the album Transformation (Heart Dance Records), The Door tells a story of life's choices, and how each one of us chooses our destiny by the selection of our Doors. Sherry Finzer adds her unique and emotional melodies on the flute to Darin's beautiful and rich guitar.  WIKIPEDIA

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