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Summon the Wind

Timothy Wenzel's album now on the RADIOnuages playlist.BIO As you drift though the music there is the distinct feeing of a man at peace, at one with his music: the notes flowing from his fingers through the medium of the keyboard. Fascinating, evocative, drifting to the level where it becomes difficult to separate the creator from the music – all is one, one is all. Using the river as a metaphor for life, that of a stream or force constantly moving onward, his new creation reflects so much more about the man involved in the creation of the music than ever before. - See more at: Wenzel Home Page

VIDEO: The title track from the newly-released album Summon the Wind. Ranging from lively to serene, from dances to laments, this carefully choreographed fourth album by Timothy Wenzel brims with melodic and memorable instrumental songs. Mastered by Grammy Award winning engineer Corin Nelsen. Featuring guest artists Lenny Levash and Michael Rud. This video is meant for listening, not watching. Close your eyes and summon the song.

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