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MY BELOVED latest album by pianist Michael Dulin

Official Website
Michael Dulin is internationally acclaimed as a pianist, composer and producer whose music is so much more than entertainment. Like the best friend who always knows the right thing to say, Michael’s music warms your heart and touches your soul just when you need it. From the age of two, it was apparent that Michael had an exceptional gift for music. After attending Alabama School. My Beloved is a new and intensely personal album by pianist/composer Michael Dulin. It is a beautifully melodic and passionate testament to enduring love, inviting you to live your own love story through these 12 unforgettably romantic solo piano songs. My Beloved blends classic and contemporary influences to create a beautifully melodic collection that critics are saying IS LIKE A LONG AND PASSIONATE LOVE LETTER and MAKES EVERY TIME YOU LISTEN TO IT FEEL LIKE VALENTINE'S DAY. Live and relive the magic of great love, through the prism of these timeless and evocative love songs.

VIDEO: Michael Dulin performs his song "Beloved" Internationally-acclaimed pianist, producer and composer Michael Dulin's new work "Beloved" captured while rehearsing for a concert at the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Gettysburg, PA; he was there to fundraise for a library expansion project. "Beloved" was released in January 2015; sheet music also available at

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