our blog entries

our blog entries

Forrest Smithson, new age music composer

A lifelong musician, creating masterful excursions into new territories of lyrical and modern musical textures and atmospheres. Forrest’s musical creations emerge from a natural affinity for embracing diverse elements and variables of sound coming from multiple locations and holding them in awareness as a unified event.
WEB SITE     VIDEO: Intensities arrive from multiple sources, providing for a deepening experience of convergence within An energetic pulse propels and carries awareness through sonic scenes of humanity and nature Uncommon relationships emerge as sounds and timbres convene to form an expressive landscape of unity Lyrical expressions accompany the shaping of textures as the arriving elements weave into territories of convergent intensity All the while, traversing new possibilities, activating unique correlations, and inviting the discovery of new pathways Combining to create a here-ness of immersion that presents awareness with a completed journey through a soundscape of power and beauty Music "Sphere" by Forrest Smithson

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